About Us

Behind the scenes, we are a group of enthusiastic volunteers (yes 100% voluntary) who are extremely passionate about Digital Marketing with most of us working in the field. Our goal is to share that passion with Galway entrepreneurs and businesses who are hungry to learn more about the subject to grow their brand and business.

We have turned getting things done into an art form. We take ideas, and turn them into Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals.

All of these goals centre around the events that we organise – from our regular Monthly Meetups to our annual events such as The OMiG Digital Summit, and The Online Marketing in Galway Awards.

This is what people know us for.

We persuade some of the very best industry speakers to come and provide insight into their profession, and real actionable value for Galway businesses.

Of course, the heart of OMiG are the people who show up to the events. We are creating a Digital Hub here in Galway, and showing how serious we Tribes are about Digital! Our growing and vibrant community provide the energy at our events through their interaction with us and each other (tea, coffee and networking are taken very seriously at OMiG!), and have become as passionate about Digital Marketing as we are!

Since 2011, this community has grown with up to 120 visiting our monthly events, to nearly 500 coming to the OMiG Digital Summit, and an online reach of over 8000.

Because of this community, we receive all kinds of support from the business community all over Ireland that makes what we do possible.

All we’re missing is you!

Now you can come and meet the team , join the team , or come and see for yourself what we do.

See you soon 🙂