Event FAQs

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

OMiG Monthly Events/OMiG Awards Masterclass: The Portershed Eyre Square – easy to get from everywhere – click here for full details.

OMiG Awards – Town Hall Theatre, Galway- easy to get from everywhere – click here for full details.

In both locations there is public parking nearby – both are in the city centre. There are multiple choices, in both instances, there is no free and official parking.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, once you have registered for the event on Friday 26th May 2017 then you can simply check in with one of our volunteers on the night with your name and ticket.

The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?

Yes, please just let us know the name of the person or company who originally registered.

I cannot make the event, can I cancel my ticket?

In all instances, we recommend selling your ticket to someone else. This is mainly due to the credit/debit card refund charge that will be charged upon refund. As a not for profit, we cannot take on this additional cost. Therefore for all refunds, we have to charge a €1.50 administration charge, and for tickets prices under €20, €4administration charge, for tickets prices under €100.When you pass on or sell your ticket, details do not need to be changed, someone else can come to the event with the details used for the original bookings.

Why does it cost up to €5 for monthly events and up to €12:50 for a ticket for the awards?

We do get a certain amount of sponsorship every year and also for monthly events that cover costs of tea and coffee direct. This year 85% of the sponsorship received (from AIB and specific events) helped fund additional costs at our larger events i.e.  While we have great support from sponsors and partners, there are still plenty of costs involved, in particular for our larger events like the Awards. Costs and resources needed include; event production (lighting, sound, visuals, and sound engineer), accommodation and gift for the special guests – thankfully every year to date they do the event with no fee, in return, however, we like to provide accommodation and a small gift.

Additional items include; signage, banners, pull ups and the copyrights to visuals and music; outside of that, we have admin and software costs, hosting, SSL certs, phone expenses incurred due to recruiting judges and organising each event. Where possible, we also work with sponsors, partners and the budget from tickets to provide, food, refreshments and entertainment and various points throughout the events. It is important to reiterate again, however, that the tickets would cost much more if it wasn’t for our sponsors, partners and volunteers. This thankfully helped us keep the ticket prices affordable.

When sponsorship is available and all the core costs are covered i.e. promo costs (facebook), event costs etc we aim to take this of the cost of the individual event. Unfortunately, we do not have funding that covers 100% of the cost of every event per year, hence the small cover charge for monthly events and the charge we have for larger events including the awards.

It also helps people take bookings more serious, in the past multiple free tickets were booked and people did not turn up. On many occasions, we reached capacity and stopped bookings at the locations capacity. Then on the night of the event, the room was not even 60% full. This is something we aim to avoid at all costs and the small cover charge also helps this.

As OMiG is a not for profit run by volunteers, our main focus is on organising the monthly and bigger events, sourcing top speakers and encouraging networking and learning in the area of Digital Marketing in Galway. Spending time on administration takes away from this time which is why we have some of these guidelines in place.